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How can you really tell if someone is good at what they do? I mean that’s a pretty subjective value, isn’t it? What is good to me may be average to one or excellent to another. Over time I have come to a very simple conclusion to help me decide if someone is good at what they do.

My conclusion? I think I can do what he or she does. There is something about those who are good at what they do that make it look effortless. The good ones always make whatever they do look easy, and the exceptional ones motivate you to actually try it.

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Sunday People in a Friday World

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Some time ago I was reflecting on the ironic nature of the day “Good Friday.” When I think about it, nothing was good about Good Friday. Good Friday was a day devoted to betrayal, denial, false accusations, beatings, condemnation and death.

I understand theologically that God used all of those things for our good. We are beneficiaries to all that Christ suffered in his passion. But for Jesus it was not so good.

2,000 years later we still live in a world filled with Good Friday experiences. Not a lot has changed, really. We still witness and perhaps have even experienced betrayal, denial, false accusation, physical and emotional abuse, and condemnation. Death is still among us. Everyday we are surrounded by people plagued by the very things Jesus came to overcome.

Yet we, the people of faith, are not governed by Good Friday. We are people of the resurrection. We are Sunday people in a Friday world. May our lives reflect the victory that Christ gained through the cross and resurrection, and may our lives shine forth like a beacon, pointing the way to hope.

Happy Easter!

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