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Happy Father’s Day to Me!

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Yesterday was Father’s Day, and I was thrilled to have heard from each of my three adult children by 9:00 am! I’ve enjoyed fatherhood, and now that they are emerging into full blown adulthood, I cannot dwell on what I have offered to them. I am overwhelmed by what I have received…with how my life is fuller today because of the simple things they have taught me or introduced to me.

For example, thanks to my children I know about:

Apple (as in computers!)
Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat)
Pre Workout
Protein Shakes
Text Messaging
Binge Watching
Christine Caine
Battery Life
Working Out
Recovery Weeks
Online Banking
White Privilege
Social Justice
Enough Spanish to be Annoying
Art Appreciation
Sexual and Gender Orientation
Unconditional Love

Clearly there is more! The point is that my kids have challenged me to be the best me I can be. Because of them, I know about things I may not have pursued on my own, and I’ve certainly travelled places I wouldn’t have gone otherwise. They have taught me that I matter, and that because I matter I matter to other people. They constantly remind me of the value of loving God and loving others and doing both well.

My hope is that for years to come I will continue to learn more from them. And that I continue to grow as a person so that I have something to offer in return!

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