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Lessons from Steve Jobs

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As you know, Steve Jobs stepped down this week as CEO of Apple. I wasn’t too interested in Apple until I got my first iPhone and later a Mac Book Pro. To say that I’ve enjoyed these products would be an understatement! I found this tribute on Michael Hyatt’s blog. It’s well done, and worth three minutes of your time. Enjoy!

iMentor Steve Jobs

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Leading Effective Meetings

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No one likes to attend a meeting that is a huge waste of time. If you’re like me, you’ve sat through plenty of those. Good meetings are generally those which conclude with something definite accomplished. Everyone feels like the ball has been advanced down the field and that the team is pointed in the same direction.

Much of the burden for the success of the meeting is placed upon the shoulders of the leader. Many leaders know how to conduct smooth meetings but not effective meetings. One of the blogs I follow is Michael Hyatt.com. Though Michael has recently stepped down as CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, he continues to blog daily and today’s post on how to lead effective meetings is one of his stronger posts. You can find the article here. Enjoy!


Asking Better Questions

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Yesterday I posted the first observation from Joseph’s life regarding how to have a “can do” spirit in a “no you can’t” world which was to count your blessings. The second observation is to ask better questions concerning life’s interuptions. When adversity strikes, our first natural line of questioning is along the lines of…
…”How could this have happened to me?”
…”Why did this happen to me?”
…”What did I do to deserve this?”
…”Now what am I going to do?”
…”Where is God in all of this?”

Our attitudes often reflect the questions we ask. A couple of weeks ago I came across a blog post by Michael Hyatt, who suggested seven better questions to ask when facing difficult, uncertain times. Here is my adapted list that I offered last weekend in worship.
1. What if this isn’t the end but rather a new beginning? (Remember, break throughs are always break withs!)
2. What if the answer to my prayer is just over the next hill?
3. What if this is necessary in order for me to be prepared for the next important chapter of my life?
4. What if this is exactly what I need to experience in order to develop my character for a greater opportunity?
5. What if God is speaking to me through a means I would not have chosen for a blessing I cannot see?
6. What does this experience make possible?
7. What will I be telling my children and my grandchildren that I learned that was invaluable in this season of my life?

Those are great questions that will help shape your attitude when you face uncertainty and adversity!

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