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A Word to Those Who Lack Faith (part 3)


I find it interesting that Jesus doesn’t make much of physical death. On two occasions where he raised people from the dead he called it “sleep.” For Jesus, (and the apostolic writers) the death that matters is the death that takes place at conversion.

God’s perspective on death is unique from ours.

What we call perilous, God calls precious.
What we strive to avoid, God designs.
What we view as a curse, God calls a gift.
What we think as bitter, God thinks to be blessing.
What we label as the end, God labels a new beginning.

Death is a transitional step, like moving. No one likes to move. But you have to move to get to the new house. The move is a big deal, but it’s never a bigger deal than the new house. Here’s my point. The move cannot be avoided, but it can be prepared for. You can get out in front of the move, and the more you prepare, the easier it is to face. The worst moves are the moves you don’t prepare for.

Jesus was prepared. He knew from his entire life experience that God could be completely trusted.
Above all, Jesus kept the end game in mind. I don’t know what my cause of death will be, but I hope to be strong enough in faith to die like Jesus died.

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