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Book Review: Sex and Money


One of the best reads of 2013 was Paul David Tripp’s book Dangerous Calling. Based on the influence of that helpful work I purchased and read his next release titled, Sex and Money.

We live in a culture driven to find pleasure, observed most clearly in our preoccupation with sex and money. These two, sex and money are, as the book’s subtitle suggests, “pleasures that leave you empty.” Tripp’s observation is that sex and money are among the two most taboo subjects in modern Christianity. For too long the church has been silent on these topics, partly because of the awkward nature of the subject matter, and partly because pastors and teachers don’t know how to approach them in a healthy way.

The author has taken a thoughtful approach on these matters and has successfully deconstructed the pervasive behavior to get to the real root causes of our obsessions and our seeming inability to conquer temptations. By drilling into the root issues behind our unhealthy obsessions he presents a theological perspective on both accompanied by suggestions on how the gospel of Jesus Christ itself serves as our primary resource. I agree with his simple point: everything is spiritual. Until we are able to see pleasure, sex and money through spiritual lenses, we will continue to grapple with temptation and sin. Until we are able to see sex and money through spiritual lenses we will continue to focus on managing our behavior instead of allowing God’s grace to develop Christian character.

I can’t think of a person who would not benefit from reading this book. Its not just for adulterers and those whose finances are ravaged with credit card debt. Its for you and me. I would not only recommend it for personal growth, but would also recommend it for small group study. It’s honest, practical and biblical. And, by the way, helpful.

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