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Book Review: The Element


The Element is the second book by Ken Robinson I have read this year. The other book, Out of Our Minds, was recently reviewed on this site on October 5.

Robinson describes The Element as “the place where the things we love to do and the things we are good at come together.” In order for a person to identify their element involves four processes that are explained in four simple phrases.

1. “I get it!” This is one’s aptitude.

2. “I love it!” This is one’s passion.

3. “I want it!” This is one’s attitude.

4. “Where is it?” This is opportunity.

To be in one’s element is to discover the convergence of aptitude, passion, attitude, and opportunity.

The most helpful aspect of Robinson’s book is his discussion on vocation. He acknowledges that many people assume that finding their element and living in their element will somehow translate into job opportunities. He does a wonderful job of clarifying the difference between the amateur and the professional. Society assumes that to be an amateur means to be sub standard in quality. This is not the case. It is possible and perhaps even probable that one can identify their element and enjoy their element and never earn a living from it. That does not diminish the validity or the contribution that living in one’s element can make.

I recommended this book to a friend this week, for no other reason than the stories and testimonials that are contained within its pages. In a Chicken Soup for the Soul kind of way, Robinson spells out how to find and live in your element and documents the journey with inspirational stories of people whose lives have been transformed simply by aligning their lives with their element.

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