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I watched the ESPN coverage of Kurt Warner’s anticipated press conference yesterday in which he announced his retirement from the National Football League. Warner has always been a class act, and on the final stage of his playing career he didn’t disappoint.

Warner said some very gracious things about others around his life who gave him a chance and then a second chance to play the game he loved. But it was his testimony of faith that was especially impressive. As he credited God for his success, Warner made a statement describing the Bible as a book of stories about average people through whom God did extra-ordinary things. As he continued, he cited himself as just another average guy through whom God had blessed to accomplish things that were beyond himself.

That word of testimony was powerful. Warner was spot on about how God functions in his world. He takes average Joes who surrender themselves and does marvellous things in and through their lives. There’s an old adage in business that states “There’s no limit to what one can do as long as they don’t care who gets the credit.” For the person of faith that saying would sound something like this: “There’s no limit to what one can do as long as God gets the credit.”

Congratulations, Kurt, on a great career! We’ll miss your play, for sure. Even more, we’ll miss your character and the passionate faith you brought to the stadium each week of the season. May God grant you stages in the future that will continue to allow opportunities for you to honor the One who has honored your life!
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Here is Ryan’s 2009 SBU Football picture!
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This is the highlight reel from SBU’s 50-20 win last Saturday over Kentucky Wesleyan. Ryan (# 48) had three tackles in his first playing time. His play is at the 3:00 minute mark on the video.

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