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Politics and Our Eschatology

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I read a very limited number of blogs on a daily basis, one of which is Scot McKnight’s blog on Patheos.com titled Jesus Creed. A New Testament professor by trade, McKnight often offers helpful cultural insights as they intersect with faith and theology. This morning’s post, titled Politics and Our Eschatology serves as an outstanding Christian reflection on yesterday’s election. I hope you’ll find it compelling if not helpful.

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Git Yer Wimmin’ en Line!!

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I don’t know if you heard about this or not, but an Iowa church is embroiled in controversy after being challenged by a member for making available pamphlets on the upcoming judicial retention vote in our state. When the female member appealed to the I.R.S., the Pastor allegedly stated from the pulpit that he’d “like to slap that woman,” further insinuating that her husband needed to put her in her place, whatever that means. You can read the article from the Sioux City Journal by clicking this LINK.

I’m not sure which is worse. The fact that the Pastor felt he had biblical authority to speak as he did? Or the likelihood that the 150 members of the congregation will be back Sunday for more of the same? Or that the majority of religious people in America really don’t know anything about what the law really says about separation of church and state?

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Here’s an interesting article by Bryan Roberts published in Relevant Magazine on maintaining balance as a believer as we approach the Presidential election in November. CHECK THIS OUT!

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Last week, Dr. Robert Jeffress created a storm of controversy with his personal endorsement of Texas Governor Rick Perry for President. The reaction to this has been strong, given that Jeffress cited the Southern Baptist stance on treating Mormonism as a cult. I have always been a seperation of church and state person, siding with those who believe that there should be freedom of religion, freedom for religion, and freedom from religion. While the prophetic pulpit should speak truth to power concerning social ills, bi-partisan pulpit endorsements have not been my style nor my leaning.

Today’s Des Moines Register ran Cal Thomas’ syndicated take on pulpit endorsements and I think he did a pretty good job of dealing with some of the concerns. You can read it by clicking here. What do you think? Do you think its appropriate for pastors to endorse candidates?

Elena Kagan, the Supreme Court, and a Lament for American Protestantism

For those of you interested in politics, I thought this an interesting blog by Diana Butler-Bass concerning the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.

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