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The Nines

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Yesterday I sat at my desk and participated in a unique online learning experience called “The Nines.” Leadership Network and Catalyst came together and enlisted about 70 ministry leaders who were given 9 minutes to share something they were passionate about. I didn’t have the time to sit through every single presenter, but I did participate in about seven hours worth of the event. Here are some random thoughts regarding “The Nines.”

1. Concept
I thought the concept was brilliant. I once read that 80% of the useful information within any book can be found in the first two chapters. Permitting speakers to have 9 minutes required them to bring the cream to the top. I will admit that I was skeptical that this technological feat could go smoothly, but in the end it was very well done. The vast majority of video/audio quality was exceptional.

2. Content
I was pleased and impressed with the content that was presented. I assumed that the presenters would spend their time talking about all things that were the latest and greatest and how to do the latest and greatest, but I was wrong. The majority of the presenters that I watched dealt with matters of the heart. Character, integrity, spiritual formation and self care were very common themes. With the exception of one, the presenters came across as humble and genuinely trying to be helpful. I concluded my participation feeling positive, encouraged, and hopeful.

3. Presenters
I consider myself a pretty well read guy, so I was familiar with the names and ministries of many of the presenters. I liked the fact that I had never heard of some. I also liked the diversity of the teaching cast. Nice touch. I appreciate that not much time was spent on lavish introductions.

4. Picks
I think the most helpful presentations to me personally were Troy Gramling, Skye Jethani, and Mark Driscoll. Brian McLaren should get an Academy Award for the most creative video.

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