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Archive for Transitions

The story of Abram begins abruptly in Genesis 12:1-3. Following the death of his father, Abram received a special call from God to leave the security of his comfort zone and begin living the adventure of faith. God’s first word to Abram was “leave.” The reader might expect the first word to be “go,” but it wasn’t. Here’s the simple truth: you can’t go until you leave. I know this sounds trite, but it’s true. Years ago I remember hearing John Maxwell say “break-throughs are always break-withs.” You have to leave before you can go.

Sometimes I am asked to provide some pastoral advice on how to determine God’s will when facing a transition. When people ask me about making transitions, I share the same three questions that I have always applied to my own life when confronted with this kind of decision.

1. Am I finished? Has God released me from my place? Have I completed what I set out to complete?
2. Am I called? In other words, am I going “to” instead of “from?”
3. Are those closest to me on board, particularly my immediate family? Your decision to “leave” and “go” will impact others.

If you’re facing some tough choices, try giving these three questions a try. See if they will help provide clarity in the midst of confusion and doubt.