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The Road to Emmaus

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I’ve recently discovered CBS’ Undercover Boss. I think it’s a pretty cool show. I got into it a little late in the season but have been able to catch up on missed episodes on Hulu. The premise is fairly simple. A CEO of an American company goes undercover for one week to work various frontline jobs within the company while disguised as a new recruit. The CEO gets to learn about his company and the people who work for the company and makes several interesting discoveries, including some of the problems employees face. At the end of the episode the CEO is revealed, and shares what will be done to solve some of the problems that had been discovered during the experience.

Luke 24:13-35 reports that on the day of the resurrection, Jesus went “undercover” and joined Cleopas and his wife as they journey back to Emmaus after observing Passover in Jerusalem. Though Jesus walked and talked with them, they were prevented from identifying Jesus.

Leon Morris writes, “We cannot see the risen Christ, even though he is walking with us, unless he wills to disclose himself.”

Tomorrow I’ll follow up this post and share the problems that Jesus discovered while he was “undercover” on the road to Emmaus.

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