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Welcome to TimDeatrick.com

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By way of introduction, I’d like to offer that I have no mandate from the people to begin a blog. There have been three or so kind persons who have suggested that I make an attempt to make available such an instrument, none of whom are related by blood or legal ceremony.

In the formative stages of this concept, I polled my circle of advisors and have gleaned the following advice. Hopefully the advice of my counselors will provide an anchor for this endeavor.

Their first suggestion was to be deliberate and consistent with submissions. Apparently many blogs begin with a feverish flurry of postings only to be abandoned for other choices and left to gather dust. So I’ll do my best to try to post something two or three times a week. I think that’s do-able.

Another word of counsel was to say something of value. Having viewed some blogs over the past several months, I’ve come to the conclusion that no one probably cares what time I wake up in the morning or what my family had for dinner last night. No one is interested in my sports picks or my vacation experiences. No one cares to hear about how my children are prodigies or my thoughts concerning the weather. In my opinion, those who do “flowing stream of consciousness” don’t do it well. So I’ll try to make this as substantive as possible and leave the other for Facebook and Twitter.

The final and perhaps most important piece of advice was to have clear purpose for the blog. My present concern is theology. How do we develop, understand, and communicate those convictions that govern our views about God and our practice of faith? Having done ministry for the past 25 years, I see many evidences that God’s people are asking big questions, the kind that aren’t satisfied with “three keys” and “four principles.” Make no mistake, people are looking for pathways to help them live better. But not the paths that come from pop psychology. People really do want to know about God, and more importantly, they really want to know God. Somehow we realize that if we can really know God and become intimately acquainted with him, much of the “how to” of Christian living will take care of itself. So I anticipate that this blog will give you an over the shoulder perspective my reflections concerning this subject.

So with that, welcome to timdeatrick.com.

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