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Daily Rituals


A lot of people think creativity comes in waves of inspiration where poetry, music and art just “happen.” According to Mason Curry’s book, Daily Rituals, nothing could be farther from the truth. Curry found an interest in the work habits of creatives and researched the daily work rituals of 161 artists, composers, poets, writers and inventors. His research is chronicled in his book.

Devoting 1 to 3 pages to each person, Curry’s work reveals two important findings. First, those who create view their creative process as work rather than some inspired movement. Second, those who create treat their craft as a job, sticking closely to a disciplined regiment that seldom varied.

If you are a creative person or even have an interest in creativity you’ll enjoy this book. Curry abolishes several myths about creative people and does so in an interesting fashion. I highly recommend it.

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