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Disney Dynamics 3


Our first day we drove from our resort to Disney. It was a simple drive of about 5 miles. All I had to do was follow the clear directional signs. As we entered Disney from the south we passed underneath an archway bearing the phrase “Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth.”

I don’t know if Disney is the happiest place on earth, but I’ve got to give them credit for being true to their mission. Every “cast member” was patient, friendly, and accomodating. It felt genuine and authentic, too. Problems were dealt with quickly and without incident. Come to think of it, I didn’t see anyone who was unhappy. Sure, there was the occassional crying toddler, but those instances were too infrequent to even notice. Disney clearly made every possible effort to follow through on their promise to provide a place of smiles and laughter.

Sometimes businesses (and churches for that matter) promise more than they can deliver. As for our congregation, my prayer is that we consistently deliver on what we espouse to be true of ourselves.

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