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Disney Dynamics


Last week my daughter’s high school band performed at Disney World in Orlando. It seemed like a wonderful reason to load up and make the trek. When you take a family trip during peak season you can count on several things such as heavy traffic and elevated prices. What I didn’t count on was some lessons that I learned from my four days in the House of Mouse.

We were very fortunate to be accompanied by a relative who is a Disney Vacation Club member. It was like having a private guide to direct us through our experience. As we walked through the various parks I was amazed at what he was able to teach me about “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

For example, I was immediately impressed by the park’s immaculate condition. According to Wiki Answers, Disney world received 42.8 million visits in 2005. Yet there were no signs of trash, grime, or filth. Not a speck of dust. No graffiti in the rest rooms. No paper cups aimlessly wandering across the walkway. No chipped paint, scuffs, or burned out light bulbs. The park looked brand new.

I learned that every night a massive staff comes in to clean. They power wash the entire park 365 nights a year. From the parking lot to iconic castle, it was obvious that Disney employees take tremendous pride in taking care of every square inch of their property.

You’ve probably heard that consultants are valuable in part because they are able to provide you or your organization with a fresh set of eyes. They are able to see the proverbial cob webs that we tend to overlook and the scratches and dents we somehow have grown accustomed to living with. What do you do when you have 42 million fresh sets of eyes come through your place each year? Better yet, what will you do when you have a couple of families visit your church with their fresh sets of eyes this weekend?

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