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Finding Your Element:: 3


Yesterday I pointed out that two of the becoming elements of Caleb’s life were his character and his God-confidence. The final observation I want to make concerns his PASSION. If you read the story carefully, Caleb was promised the region of land that had captured his imagination 45 years earlier when he walked through it as a spy. Something happened to him that day that so profoundly impacted his life that he was willing to patiently wait four and one half decades to possess it. His hopeful expectation fueled his daily routine of walking in circles in the wilderness for forty years and energized him as he spent the next five years fighting alongside his Hebrew brothers for parcels that he would not personally own. When his turn came he was ready and unabashedly reminded Joshua of Moses’ promise.

In short, Caleb never got over his first experience in Hebron.

As I shared this last weekend in worship, I commented to our congregation that one of the chief concerns of the Christian faith today is that we have simply gotten over Jesus. We have become civilized and domesticated, moving farther and farther away from the original flame to pursue dimmer lighting.

Paul is an example of one who never got over his initial encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus. Granted, it was quite dramatic, given the shining light and the audible voice and such. Yet the internal transformative power of Jesus in his life is not uncommon to the rest of us. Christ changed his life, old things passed away, everything was made new. Paul was anything but domesticated. I personally think that the thing that made Paul “Paul” was his passion. He simply never got over Jesus.

What can we do to rekindle that light of passion within our hearts? There’s really nothing better that I could suggest than finding someone, anyone in fact, and telling them what happened to you as you came to know Christ by experience. Some may call this their personal testimony while others may know it as the story of their faith journey, but I think you understand what I’m driving at. Find a person and tell them your story. Re-live it as you tell it. Tell it as if it just happened yesterday. You may be surprised at what stirs in your heart.

A second quick suggestion is to return to the place, if possible, where your initial formative experience occurred. This may not be possible for everyone, but if it is possible for you, take some time and visit that house, that church building, that camp, that dormitory, and spend some time reflecting on the experience then and the experiences since Christ changed your life forever.

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