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Free Time


Tomorrow is February 29, also known as leap year. I’m tempted to think that I’ve been awarded with an extra day to get things accomplished…a free day if you will. Like most in our culture, I constantly complain about not having enough time to get everything done that I need to get done. So an extra day this year bears instant curb appeal to the adrenaline junkie within me. But when the clock strikes midnight tomorrow, will I really feel as though I’m a day ahead in the long haul? It’s doubtful.

My friend Tom Clegg helped me learn a lesson related to how I should think about time. Tom once told me that people can’t accomplish as much in a day as they think they can, but at the same time can accomplish more in a month than they think possible. Indeed, the race is not to the swift. It generally belongs to those who dutifully march forward step by step, day in and day out. Extra days don’t impress the steady.

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  1. Jerry Woodward says:

    Here is just my first impression. You’ve got several good blogs here, but no comments on any of them. I may not be up to speed on e-communication, but it is hard for me to be the first to comment. Or is it expected that one would go straight to twitter?

    I have no issue with Twitter. Still, I have found it to be an efficient time waster.

    May see you soon.


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