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God is Light:: 2


Keeping in Stride

1 John 1:7 states that if we walk in God’s light, two things are true. First, we have fellowship with one another. In other words, we don’t just walk in God’s light, we walk in God’s light together. Which brings me to an important question. Do we value Christian community? We never sin in isolation. On occasion I’ll hear someone make a statement about how as long as their behavior doesn’t affect anyone else it shouldn’t matter what they do. But is that really true? What is my responsibility to my brothers and sisters in Christ? What is my responsibility for my brothers and sisters in Christ?

Second, the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin. The verb tense for cleanse indicates that this is a continuous, ongoing process. The forgiveness we receive at salvation continues to operate each day of our Christian experience. The good news is that when we sin, we have a remedy. The word cleanse in Greek is katarizo; the same word used some 19 times of the healing ministry of Jesus. I like that imagery, because it speaks of the breadth and depth of God’s gracious forgiveness. We are not just “forgiven,” we are healed…which takes grace to a whole new level!

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