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Happy Anniversary to TimDeatrick.com!


Four years ago today I posted the first of 706 posts here at TimDeatrick.com. I began with three goals for my blog. I wanted to post frequently enough to develop a base of resources that could be easily accessed. While some of my individual posts have been gratifying, my deeper sense of fulfillment has been the site as a whole. One of our new members approached me Sunday and remarked that he had checked out the blog. His comment was, “There’s a lot of stuff on there.” That was my first objective–I wanted to create something worth my time over the long haul.

My second goal was to say something substantive. I am actively involved in social media and have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, and a Linked In account. Those are the places I go when I want to share random pictures of my dessert and such. Here, however, I wanted to say something of value so that the site is worth your time. So I’ll do some theology or share a quick book review. I also try to share helpful articles related to pastoral ministry or culture that I find interesting, even though I tend not to comment on those articles. Your time is limited and you have more to read than you can get to. So before I publish, I ask myself a quick question, “Is this a waste of the reader’s time?”

Finally, I wanted to make theology and pastoral ministry my primary pursuit. Perhaps the secret to the longevity of this site has been that I have tried to post subject matter from a posture of strength instead of weakness, and have preferred topics that interest me versus topics that I think interest you. I don’t know if that makes me selfish, but it does keep me coming back to the keyboard three to five times per week.

I would like to thank some people who’ve helped me along the way. Without their help I wouldn’t have gotten past the first month. I’d like to thank my long time friend Greg Clark who has supported me in many ways over the past 15 years, not least of which was the donation of a Mac Book Pro from which the lion’s share of these posts have been composed. I’d also like to thank Brent Clark who kept me from paying stupid tax in the blogosphere. Brent set up my first site on Blogger, then did the transition to Word Press. He did many of the enhancements that made the site appealing and easy to navigate. I’d like to thank Tara Reiter-Marolff who helped with the graphic design for the site that you see, and finally Terence Hancock who over the past several months has maintained and updated it as needed.

Most of all I’d like to thank those of you who read, subscribe, and recommend my blog. When I began I had no idea that after four years it would reach thousands of readers from all seven continents. I never cease to be amazed at how our world has grown smaller through technology. While writing for this site is something I do primarily for myself, I am deeply humbled when anytime something I’ve written blesses or benefits anyone in anyway.

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