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Hidden Treasure


We are unapologetically fascinated by treasure. We attend movies such as The DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons, the National Treasure Movies, Indiana Jones Series and Pirates of the Caribbean that captivate our imaginations and foster a spirit of discovering treasure of incredible worth.

From the archeologist to the modern day treasure hunter to the Saturday morning garage sale addict, we bump into treasure seekers all the time. Who among us has never ripped open a new box of cereal and plumbed the depths of the box looking for the prize at the bottom?

All of life is seeking after value. People are fascinated by treasure. Sometimes it comes fortuitously. Some stumble upon it by accident. Sometimes it comes after a long and patient search. However one comes upon it, it is worthwhile. It is treasure.

In Matthew 13:44-46 Jesus told two parables about seeking and finding treasure. In these twin parables, Jesus taught that the kingdom of God is valuable beyond estimation. Its value transcends all things and its acquisition merits the loss of all things.

What happens when one happens upon the treasure of the Kingdom of God?
Like a play, theses parables are laid out in three simple movements.

1. When the treasure of the Kingdom is discovered, the future is immediately and irrevocably changed. The kingdom opens my life to the possibility of new worlds, primarily that I will never be the same again. This is the essence of hope. True hope is not our ability to survive or sustain or even to prosper. True hope lies in the possibility of transformation. Hope does not lie in wishfully thinking that my circumstances can change. Hope lies in the fact that I can change.

2. This discovery causes me to change my present direction. In order to obtain the treasure, I must reverse my present direction and exchange all that I possess. This reversal is the key to the acquisition. No transformation in life is possible without a radical reversal.

3. This reversal allows for new possibilities for action that were not thought possible before. Having been freed from all other restrictions, I am enabled to reach their potential to live as God has intended.

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