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Hope That Sustains 2


So what are the implications of this resurrection body that we are to receive? How does this truth offer hope that sustains us through the most precarious time we will ever face?

First, Paul’s teaching on the resurrection body assures us that God’s purposes are not undone by death. As the seed is buried in the ground to eventually spring forth from the soil with new life, we too will experience something on the other side of death that is fabulous and beyond compare. The thing we fear most, death, God calls precious. Death doesn’t jeopordize life in any way.

Second, in Paul’s teaching on the resurrection we see what we have ultimately been created for. In fact, the answers to the future are provided for us in the beginning. If you want to know what God’s future purpose holds just turn to the front of your Bible and re-read Genesis chapters 1-2. In the creation story we see the man and the woman placed in a place of perfection, dwelling in complete innocence enjoying the unfettered presence of God. Sin messed all of that up, but in eternity we will enjoy what Adam and Eve lost in Genesis chapter 3.

Finally, our best clues to what the resurrection body looks like are found in the New Testament account of Jesus resurrected body between his resurrection and appearance. If you read the end of the gospels, you’ll see that Jesus ate food, communicated with others, and was identifiable. Jesus, prior to his ascension also exhibited that he was not bound by or limited to the laws of nature, such as gravity. While we may not understand all of that, we can take what we read in the gospels and link it to John’s affirmation, that “He has not yet shown us what we will be like when Christ appears, but we do know that we will be like him, for we will see him as he really is” (I John 3:2, NLT).

Paul’s goal is not simply to answer questions and provide timely answers. His goal is to provide hope in the face of death. Hope that doesn’t serve our faith in the face of death is no hope at all.


  1. Bo says:

    I’m terrified of dying right now because I think I’m going to die before I should and not get to fulfull God’s purpose. And if I die it will be due to violence and greed. I pray not. I hide in fear. If God brings you to it He will bring you through it.

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