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How to Restore a Broken Relationship


Conventional wisdom said it couldn’t be done, until Roger Bannister of England did it. Bannister was the very first person to run the mile in a time under 4 minutes. In the first 12 weeks after he did accomplished this milestone, 37 others did it. In the first 12 months after he did it, over 300 did it. From a human perspective, Joseph’s family was broken beyond repair. The relational problems they had experienced for the past 25 years have made this situation challenging beyond belief. But what we call impossible is always possible with God!

Jacob’s sons went to Egypt the second time to buy food. In their possession they carried double the money, gifts from Jacob, and most importantly, Joseph’s brother Benjamin. At this point we see the fulfillment of Joseph’s first dream as the 11 brothers bow down before Joseph. Simeon was released from prison and returned. The sight of Benjamin was overwhelming to Joseph. He excused himself to pull himself together. To their utter amazement, a meal was prepared and the brothers were seated according to their ages from the oldest to youngest. Benjamin was served a portion of food five times greater than the rest. Why? Perhaps Joseph was looking for change. Would they show jealousy when Benjamin was given preferential treatment?

After the meal Joseph’s brothers prepared to return to Canaan. Joseph instructed that Benjamin’s money and personal silver cup be stowed in the saddle bag. Once they were on the road, Joseph ordered a squadron of soldiers to pursue them. With boldness and confidence the brothers denied any wrongdoing and committed that if any of the “stolen” possessions be found among them, the thief be put to death and the rest return as slaves for life. Imagine how they must have felt when the cup was found in Ben’s bag! Once again, they returned to Egypt to stand before Joseph. Judah made good on his pledge to his father. He offered his own life in exchange for the life of Benjamin. At that precise moment, they were ready for the truth and what Joseph was about to disclose.

This week I want to post some thoughts that I shared last weekend about how to restore broken relationships. Stay tuned!

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