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I Can Only Speak for Me


Who do you speak for? Last week I had to fill out some forms for my daughter who was having a surgical procedure done at the office of an oral surgeon. Before we arrived I downloaded a small stack of forms to complete and sign. At the bottom of each form was a place for the patient to sign, or in the case of a minor child, a parent or guardian. In this instance, I was required to speak on behalf of my child in order for her to have the operation.

Maybe you are empowered to speak on behalf of others at work. Or, like an attorney who represents a client, you speak on their behalf on a particular matter. If you think about it, there are probably several ways that you legitimately speak on behalf of others.

But when it comes to matters of faith you are on your own. You can only speak for you and I can only speak for me. This is one of the lessons we learn from Joshua’s last sermon, found in Joshua 23-24. This week I want to share some thoughts from Joshua’s final words. I hope you’ll check in frequently this week to find out more about it.

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