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Introducting the Missional Church by Alan Roxburgh and Scott Boren


Recent releases on the Missional Church fall into two categories. First, there is the theological reflection category replete with information on what the Scripture says about embracing our sentness into the world around us. The other category of books on the Missional Church are the ones that focus on the tactical and the practical.

Introducing the Missional Church by Roxburgh and Boren does a nice job of accomplishing both tasks. Because of its newness, defining the Missional Church is a work in progress. But the authors do an exceptional job of explaining what the missional church is and what she is to be about in the Kingdom landscape.

Beyond the definition, the authors provide some helpful materials for established churches that are considering transitioning from their attractional model to a more missional minded model of ministry.

The book is a simple read and is well written. If you’re just tuning in to the missional church, I encourage you to pick up a copy. It is well worth the simple investment.

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