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Juicy Fruit: Remaining and Obeying


Jesus spoke the words recorded in John 15 to his disciples on the night he was betrayed. Last words are important words, much like the final briefing to a squadron prior to their departure for a mission. One of the first words in the text that leaps off the page is the word “remain” (or abide in many translations).

The word remain speaks of a relationship that is organically linked, where the life of Christ flows into our lives and His nature becomes our nature. An example of this type of relationship is the union we see among the Trinity. “God in three persons,” as the hymn says. The Father, the Son, and the Spirit, all dwell in perfect community among themselves, yet remain One. Jesus said, “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.”

The relationship we enjoy in Christ is not one of mimicking Jesus or even imitating Jesus. We share in the gene pool of the divine. Our spiritual DNA identifies us as the same. Six times Jesus bids his listeners to “remain.” His desire is that we find our life source in Him.

The second element in this passage is obedience, though it is more implied than overtly stated. Obedience usually bears a negative connotation. The word makes us uncomfortable because we usually associate obedience with being forced to do things regardless of our personal will. In the spiritual realm, obedience is not the rote activity of dutiful behavior. Instead, obedience is the joyful delight that comes when we respond to the life of Christ that is flowing like a river within us. When we obey Christ, we are simply acting in a manner that is consistent with our nature. Like children, we begin to act “just like the Father,” and “take after” Him.

When God urges us to be obedient, He’s calling upon us to live up to our nature. That’s why 10,000 “Thou shalt nots” will not make you one iota like Jesus. It’s not rote behavior. We are to remain in Him, and flowing out of that relationship is activity that is consistent with our spiritual DNA.

Tomorrow I’ll post more about the by-product of remaining and obeying, which is bearing fruit, and I’ll get into the ultimate end game that God has for it all.

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