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Listening to the Right Voice:: 2


In his teaching regarding the “good shepherd,” Jesus described three voices that speak into our lives. The first, of which, was the voice of the stranger. When my children were young, we became aware of the importance of teaching our children about “stranger danger.” As parents we were diligent about telling our kids who to listen to and who to avoid. For example, we taught them that if a car pulled up and asked them to go help look for a lost puppy to run to a safe place. We also taught them not to speak to or acknowledge strangers for the sake of their safety. I think our kids marveled in disbelief that a person offering them a piece of candy could pose a threat, but we drilled it and instilled it into their heads.

Jesus seemed to be doing that same drill and repetition with those who listened to him that day. The voice of the stranger, according to Jesus, was not to be acknowledged because the stranger was up to no good. In fact, the goal of the stranger was to “steal, kill, and destroy” their lives (John 10:10).

It was the strange voice of the serpent in Genesis 3 that caused the downfall of humanity, and ever since that stranger’s voice has been causing pain and disappointment in the world. Jesus’ counsel to the sheep was to not listen to the voice of the stranger, and his advice still stands today. At first the voice may sound appealing, or at least innocent enough. But smart sheep learn to listen to one true voice that leads to life. Tomorrow I’ll continue this series and discuss the second voice that sheep have to contend with, the voice of the hired hand.

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