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Making Peace with our Past: 1


Each stage of Joseph’s life has been plagued by its own unique set of challenges. While it appears difficult to understand, the most challenging stage of his life was his exaltation as governor of the land of Egypt. Joseph had been prepared by God for this challenge. His preparation included time in the pit, time in slavery, and time in prison. During these days Joseph learned to deal with injustice, temptation, rejection, and being forgotten by a friend.

One of the key factors in Joseph’s progress from the pit to the palace was his character. He was faithful in the little things, doing them in the quiet out of the way places. Because of his faithfulness in the little things, God made him ruler over many things.

After he was elevated to his new position, Joseph went to work during those seven years of abundance.
In our minds Joseph represents the classic “rags to riches story.” But before we can close the book on the story, it becomes clear that God has unfinished business. God has plans to put Joseph and his family back together. Joseph is at a dissonant note, but God is going to bring resolution. God’s plan was to use this family to create a new nation: Israel.

Genesis chapter 42 tells how God deals with our conscience regarding guilt. We may put time and distance between our present and our past, but it is never healed until God deals with it. 25 years have passed since Joseph was thrown in the pit. It’s time for resolution and closure.

What does guilt look like? How does it affect us? Tomorrow I’ll post five ways that unresolved guilt impacts our lives.

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