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Marks of a World Changer: #3 Compassion for People


The third mark of a world changer is that they show compassion for people. In the conversation recorded in Acts 4, several points stand out. In verse 9, Peter responds to the interrogation by saying, “Are we being questioned today because we’ve done a good deed for a crippled man?” Then in verses 14-16 the religious leaders remark to themselves that indeed the man with the congenital disability had been healed.

I think it’s become popular to talk about compassion. But talk is cheap. The thing that separates the catalyst from the rabble is action. Agents of change “do” compassion for those in need.

For 2,000 years the New Testament has nudged the Christian community toward compassionate action.
This morning I read the book of James. With the weekend message still on my mind, I smiled at how frequently James pointed out to his audience that faith without demonstration is worthless. “Be warm and be filled” is lip service that is still alive and well today. I believe it’s time for the people of God to put up when it comes to justice issues and dealing with real problems in our communities. Shutting up is not a viable option.

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