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Men of Faith


The Old Testament book of Genesis tells the story of 8 characters, each of whom portrays an important aspect of faith. Check this out!

1. Adam (Genesis 1-3) is the one who sinned in the Garden of Eden. His life teaches us about the Need for Faith.
2. Abel (Genesis 4) is the son who offered the acceptable sacrifice. He helps us to learn about the Basis of Faith.
3. Enoch (Genesis 5:23) who didn’t experience death reveals to us the Walk of Faith.
4. Noah (Genesis 6-9) is famous for taking years and years to build the ark. He shows us the Perseverance of Faith.
5. Abram (Genesis 12-20) who left Ur to go toward no certain destination helps us understand the Obedience of Faith.
6. Issac (Genesis 22) submitted to his father’s will and portrays the Power of Faith.
7. Jacob (Genesis 27-36) lived a life of highs and lows as the battle wages between the flesh and the spirit. He models the Training of Faith.
8. Joseph (Genesis 37-50) transitioned from the pit to the prison, then to the palace. From his life we receive hope as we learn about the Trials and Triumphs of Faith.

Last weekend I began a new sermon series on the life of Joseph. 25% (14 chapters) of the Book of Genesis are devoted to his life. With that much time devoted to his experiences, I think it’s worthy of our attention! Joseph, along with Daniel, are the only two biblical characters that have nothing negative recorded about their lives. That doesn’t make them perfect, of course. But it does make them notable. Joseph experienced a tremendous amount of adversity, yet he handled it with integrity and character. Joseph never complained, compromised, or lost his courage.

I’ll be blogging frequently over the next several weeks about his life as I teach through Genesis 37-50. I pray that his life will be a blessing to yours as it has been to mine!

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