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New Sermon Series: The 23rd Psalm


This weekend I’m launching a brand new sermon series from a passage that I’ve never used in worship: The 23rd Psalm. As I’ve been working through commentaries and resources, I’ve been learning that Psalm 23 is not just a popular text for the aging or the dying. It is a very contemporary word for those of us who face challenges and problems in today’s culture. Here are my titles for the series:

Sunday, September 23 The Lord is My Satisfaction (Psalm 23:1)

Sunday, September 30 The Lord is My Rest and Renewal (Psalm 23:2-3a)

Sunday, October 7 The Lord is My Guide (Psalm 23:3)

Sunday, October 14 The Lord is My Companion (Psalm 23:4)

Sunday, October 21 The Lord is My Blessing (Psalm 23:5)

Sunday, November 4 The Lord is My Hope (Psalm 23:6)

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