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Out of Our Minds: Developing Creative Cultures


Yesterday I posted some introductory comments from the book Out of Our Minds by Sir Kenneth Robinson. Today I want to delve into some of the fragments that Robinson offered regarding creativity.

In Chapter 9, titled “Being a Creative Leader,” the author offers nine principles to help develop a culture of creativity and innovation. Robinson’s understanding of creativity is based on three definitions:

1. Imagination: the ability to bring to mind events and ideas that are not present in our senses.
2. Creativity: the process of having original ideas that have value.
3. Innovation: the process of putting original ideas into practice.

The principle role of a creative leader, according to Robinson, is not to have all of the ideas. Rather, it is to develop a culture where everyone can offer new ideas. This process begins with the individual, then expands to work teams, and eventually shifts the culture of the organization.

1. Everyone has the potential to be creative.
2. Innovation is the child of imagination where playing with ideas, making fresh connections and breaking with convention are valued.
3. Everyone can learn to be more creative.
4. Creativity thrives on diversity within the framework of teams.
5. Creativity loves collaboration where individual distinctiveness among team members is respected.
6. Creativity takes time.
7. Creative cultures are supple.
8. Creative cultures are inquiring, balancing chaos and risk with honest evaluation and risk management.
9. Creative cultures need creative spaces.

Robinson’s insights from chapter 9 are helpful to leaders who are envisioning and designed brighter futures and better tomorrows for their organizations. This chapter alone makes the book a valuable resource and well worth the purchase price.

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