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Preaching as Worship: An Integrative Approach to Formation in Your Church


Preaching as Worship, by Michael Quicke, is the third publication by the C.W. Koller Professor of Preaching and Communication at Northern Seminary in Chicago. His previous two works focused on preaching as an act of leadership and how preachers can work toward a cooperative communication relationship with the audience.

Quicke’s latest book also takes a specialize direction, namely that of incorporating the preaching event into worship as an act of worship. Those of us who serve vocationally in pastoral ministry are well acquainted with the challenge the author describes in the opening pages. Often churches view worship as units of time segmented into functional parts with their own purposeful outcomes. Music is music, prayers prayers, offerings offerings, and preaching preaching. Rather than see the parts, Quicke offers practical suggestions on how to incorporate the parts into the whole. He is especially interested in helping pastors and preachers learn how to incorporate their preaching into the whole hour and view the preaching act as an act of worship.

This book is more theological than practical, and is best suited for those who are experienced in preaching. If preachers are already cognizant of the need to see the sermon as part of a larger whole, then this book will offer some helpful ideas, but the primary goal of the book is already accomplished. If preachers view their sermon as special or unique from the rest of the worship hour, then their thinking will be challenged and hopefully inspired to incorporate the book’s recommendations.

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