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Psalm 128 (Part 2)


When the fear of the Lord is at the center of our lives and the Word of the Lord is at the circumference of our lives, the Psalmist announces four blessings that become readily available to God’s children:

1. God will take care of our needs. Psalm 128:2 says, “You shall surely eat what your hands have worked for.” God will take care of our needs in between the center and the circumference.

2. God will take care of our attitudes. Verse 2 continues to say, “You will be happy!” The most elusive commodity in life today is happiness. People spend their entire lives pursuing that one goal. Whatever you center your life upon is what you look to for your source of happiness and joy.

3. God will take care of our futures. Psalm 128:2 concludes by saying, “and it will go well for you.” We are not able to make that promise with any serious degree of certainty. However, the Bible reveals that we can live our lives with the security that God is in control and that he cares for us.

4. Finally, God will take care of our families. In the next verse, the Psalmist writes, “Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house, and you sons, like young olive trees around your table.” David could think of no greater compliment than to make these two comparisons. Viticulture was the lifeblood of the nation. Olive trees were significant to the stability of the nation’s economy as well. Olive trees are slow to grow and require patience. They don’t produce fruit until the seventh year, and they don’t produce edible fruit until at least the tenth year. But when the olive tree is cared for, it will produce steadily for up to 20 generations.

“In this very way the man who fears the Lord will be blessed.” (Psalm 128:4, HCSB)

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