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Re-Dreaming the Dream 3


In his grace, God visited Jacob and restated the dream that He had bestowed upon him decades before. I have to believe that Jacob must have been somewhat overwhelmed with the risk and the challenge that added weight to this revelation. Jacob had a tough life. He grew up in a home filled with sibling rivalry. After he married, his wives didn’t get along and his sons were often rebellious. It was hardly “Little Tent on the Prairie!” But through all of those difficult dynamics God’s purpose and plan remained static.

Like Jacob, we can let life beat the dream right out of us.

Difficulties and adversity will come. Life will happen. But adversity is not the enemy. The enemy is the temptation to simply give up on God’s plan and purpose, or worse still, settle for second best. I want to encourage you today to not quit on what God has already declared over your life. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. You can’t turn back the clock and re-do what has already been done, but you can return to your God given dream and move forward to live in the fulness of his purposes for your life. Don’t be defeated by the desert, and don’t be defined by the desert. Value the voice of God in the dryness and let him lead you to the place where you can fulfill that dream.

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