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Re-Dreaming the Dream


Jacob has found himself in the middle of a famine. Two years without rain will do that. The land was dry, barren, and parched. But Jacob is not just in a literal famine, he’s in a spiritual one as well. It had been nearly 30 years since he’d heard the voice of God. Like the land itself, Jacob is dry, barren, and spiritually parched.

Jacob’s famine was not without a great deal of uncertainty. Would there be enough food to sustain his family? Would Simeon be released from prison? Would Benjamin return safely? Would Judah stick up for him should trouble arise? All of those questions and more must have flooded his anxious mind.

Finally the day came. The sons returned, and to Jacob’s relief all 11 of his sons returned safe and sound. But nothing could have prepared him for the news they reported: Joseph was alive! Not only was he alive, he was in charge of the land of Egypt. Not only was he in charge, he had revealed that the famine would last five more years. Not only would the famine last five more years, but Joseph wanted them all to move to Egypt to live.

Jacob was immediately faced with a difficult question. On one hand is the famine, and on the other, the best news he’d received in 25 years. The question? Can I trust God?

At that moment, God spoke. For the first time in nearly three decades, Jacob heard the voice of God. It was clear and unmistakable. What words did God say in the famine? What words would God say to you in your famine today?

Tomorrow I’ll post the content of God’s words to Jacob from Genesis 46:1-7.

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