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Rediscover Your Spiritual Roots


Your life is rooted in story and those stories have shaped you to become the person you are today. Your life is surrounded by images that remind you of those stories. A birth certificate. A T-ball trophy. A tassle. A wedding ring. A scar. But our story does not begin with our birth and delivery into this world. It goes back to our parents story of origin. How they met, married, and lived influences your story as well. Of course, your parents story was shaped by their parents and so forth for generation upon generation.

The same principle is true of your spiritual life. Your story is not a story of faith in isolation. People from generations past worked and labored in faith, shaped by the breezes of the Spirit of God. Their stories of faith have led you to become a person of faith. Just as you have physical roots that run deep and long, you have spiritual roots that date back to the first century.
For the next 90 days I’m asking you to join me in a special challenge to read through the entire New Testament. The purpose is not so you can say you have accomplished a goal, though that’s never bad. The purpose is to help you rediscover your spiritual roots. The story of Jesus, the apostles, and the early church is your spiritual lineage. I hope you’ll find a readable translation and commit to 15 minutes per day. It could change your life. And who knows…your story may become part of an ongoing legacy that overlaps the story of one who has yet to experience the wonderful grace of Jesus! To learn more about this, visit http://www.nt90.com. There you will find many helpful resources to guide you through this experience. Enjoy!

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