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Rev. Duane J. Gibson


Today I performed the memorial service for my mentor and friend, Duane Gibson, at First Baptist Church in Johnston, Iowa. For those of you who have been having difficulty finding the link to the webcast, you can find it by following this link: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/13043192.

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  1. David Phillips says:


    I am deeply saddened by Duane’s death for selfish reasons, I won’t get to hear one of his jokes when I am in Des Moines. I am also joyful and celebrate the fact that he is laughing it up with our Savior and brother Christ. I guess he can’t ask Jesus what’s that spot on your shirt. However, you think he told him the one about……..

    In Christ
    David, Jami and Colin

  2. clay says:


    I have known Duane for over 30 years and he was my mentor, friend and much much more. I listen to the memorial service after returning home which reminded me what a wonderful job you did in officiating the celebration of his life. Thank you.

  3. Dan Waggoner says:

    Gibby and I go way way back to the late 1960’s and early 1970’s at Edgewater Baptist Church in Chicago. Gibby asked me to take a ride with him one night and we went to the projects where many young boys and girls had no father. Gibby told me he thought I would be great in working with young people and asked me if I would mind be a big brother to a young man named Nickey. My wife and I had no children of our own yet and so I agreed and picked Nickey up every Sat. and took him out for breakfast and whatever we wanted to do for the day.
    Since that day I have been very involved in youth ministries on a global basis as I am now chairman of Youth Ministry International.
    I just found out of Gibby’s death this week end as I was in Chicago and had lunch with one of the young men that was in my Battalion Boys group at Edgewater and he told me that Gibby had died last year and I was totally shocked. I had just seen him and Caroline at another friends funeral in Chicago just about 2 1/2 years ago and as usual he gave me his huge hug and that awesome sly smile of his and it was like old times once again.
    God Bless you Duane my friend, you impacted many a lives that count for the kingdom of Christ and that my dear friend is what we are all called to do. Enjoy your rewards and walk with Him who walked with you from the day you accepted Him into your wonderful heart.

    In Christ,
    Dan Waggoner

  4. Lynn Rodriguez says:

    Oh my goodness!! I am so sad! Pastor Gibson was my youth pastor in Dearborn, MI. He had such an impact on my family and me!! He was the most genuine, real Christ like pastor that I’ve ever had!! He and Caroline both were so precious to me and my family! They were so respectful and kind to my grandpa and grandma, Adolfo and Pauline Rodriguez! My grandparents attended their church faithfully! As a matter of fact, Pastor Gibson asked my grandpa to be a deacon! A position my grandpa cherished! Words can’t express my sorrow! I will keep Eric, Brian and Michelle in my prayers! Pastor Gibson and Caroline really made a difference in this dark world!! They were lights in this dark place! They truly had Jesus living in them, and now they are with him!!! Praise God!:)

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