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Seeking God’s Will?


Perhaps no other question is more frequently asked than how to discover God’s will. Certainly it’s an important question, because God does have a will. If God has a will, then we have a significant responsibility to discover it and live in compliance with it. But before a person goes through the steps of discerning God’s will, I think its important to first of all discover what the Bible has already said about the matter. The reason this is important is that people waste a lot of time fretting over looking for answers to questions concerning things that God has already gone on record about.

Think about whatever it is that you’re concerned about. Is your concern really a question of legitimately needing God’s will and direction? Or do you need to simply obey what God has already said? If you’re “seeking the will of God,” hoping that his “will” will come in contrary to the Bible, you’re wasting your time. Obey. That’s the will of God for your life.

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