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Seizing Opportunities (part 4)


Peter’s gospel message came as a response to the attention that was stirred by the healing of the lame man. As I posted earlier this week, in Acts, events lead to explanations. With that being said, let me share a couple of points of application as I wrap up this series from Acts chapter 4.

First, God sightings begin by discerning God’s work in your own life. Unfortunately we miss a lot of the “events” because at our very core we are pretty self absorbed. We esteem ourselves as intelligent and hardworking, therefore the blessings that come in our lives we take credit for. Until you begin to intentionally and diligently give God glory for the good things in your life, you may continue your journey and miss the very God who is at work in your life on a daily basis.
Second, let the good things in your life become your platform to share the good news. You’re not lucky. You’re not fortunate. You’re not deserving. You are very blessed. As you discern God’s blessing and give him the glory for those blessings, you’ll find that your opportunities to share the gospel will dramatically increase. And so will your effectiveness.

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