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Stewardship is Joy:: 2


The second word Paul used in his letter is the word joy. Joy should not be confused with happiness. Happiness shares the same root word as happening. It is an emotion that is based on external events and actions that happen in our lives. If I get a pay increase, for example, I become happy. If I lose my job, on the other hand, I become unhappy.

Joy is different in that it is a character trait that is graciously bestowed upon God’s people by the Holy Spirit. Because it is internal, it is impervious to outside forces and events. I can have joy when good things happen as well as when troubles come. James 1:2-4 teaches that we can maintain our joy in the face of adversity simply by recognizing that God is at work and is developing our character and growing our faith. What happens in me is always more important than what happens to me, so the value of joy can remain constant. We have troubles, but even in the midst of those troubles we can experience true joy.

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