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Stewardship is Joy:: 3


The third word that we find in this week’s text is generosity. Generosity is single-minded sharing. It is giving with no alterior motive or strings attached. It is authentic sharing performed with utmost sincerity. Their generosity was spewing out from a fountain of joy.

Somehow the Macedonian Christians, though highly troubled, remained joyful and generous. How does that work? What is the relationship between the three concepts? I think the relationship between trouble and joy is hope. Hope links the two concepts together. And for hope to be genuine it has to be shared, thus linking joy and generosity.

Paul’s point is clear. Everyone has troubles. But the troubles we experience cannot become an excuse that keeps us focused inward. It is possible to experience adversity without limiting our attention to the world around us. Christians have something better than happiness, and that is joy. Joy comes from within because of our great hope in God. And that hope is strong enough to share.

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