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Sweet Baby Jesus


I think babies are great! Lisa and I had three, and we enjoyed being parents of newborns. Holding each of my children was a very gratifying experience, and if I were to be confessional, there was a feeling I had with each that wished they could stay that way. Realistically, however, if a baby stays a baby then something is terribly wrong. Parents are very cognizant of their children’s growth patterns. We make sure they are frequently weighed and measured and that they maintain weight gains. We chart their physical development and muse over what percentile they rank on the charts. Babies grow and develop, and that’s a good thing!

Sometimes I wonder if our celebration of Christmas skews our understanding of Christ. Many homes are decorated with a nativity, the centerpiece of which is baby Jesus in the manger. Like Ricky Bobby, “sweet baby Jesus” is our favorite Jesus. But after the presents are opened and the leftovers reheated, Christmas, including the nativity set, goes back in the box until Thanksgiving.

Luke 2:52 teaches us that “sweet baby Jesus” doesn’t remain an infant. He grew in “wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” Jesus experienced mental, physical, spiritual, and social development and maturity. But for what purpose? To serve God and the world as our redeemer. This week’s series of posts will focus on the goal of Christmas: the redemption of the human race.

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