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The Goal of Simplicity (part 2)


Simplicity is not to be pursued for the sake of simplicity. It is to be pursued for the sake of obtaining freedom for in life. What kind of freedom am I talking about?

First, there is the freedom that comes from having margin that can be used to help, bless and build others. The goal of simplicity is to set you free to live a missional Christian life in a world where you can make a difference for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Never forget that God blesses us to be a blessing to others. If you don’t have time or resources to invest in helping others, that is a sign something is amiss.

Second, simplicity is designed to set you free to enjoy the Shalom of God. The Old Testament concept of Shalom is more than a Hebrew greeting meaning “peace.” Shalom speaks of completeness, wholeness, and harmony. There are over 250 uses of Shalom in the Old Testament. More than 2/3 of those references directly link Shalom to the presence of God in one’s life. Shalom is a state of being that is fully at peace with God, others, and circumstances. Rather than live a life filled with duplicity, there is a unity and an integrity to one’s character and being. Wholeness does not come from spending all of your time working so that you can acquire more stuff to impress your friends and family. Wholeness comes when one is free. If you’ve had “enough,” maybe its time to think through how much is enough.

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