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The Gospel According to Joel


Last night for Ash Wednesday I did a survey on the minor prophet, Joel. Joel was a recommended prophetic reading for Ash Wednesday because of his emphasis on confession and repentance. But as I read the entirety of the three chapter missive, I discovered that the theme of Joel was more than a call to repent. From start to finish, Joel encapsulated the gospel.

Without going into the entirety of the 40 minute presentation, here’s the simple outline of the book that I used:

1. God loves enough to alert us to the fact that judgement is imminent. (Joel 1:1-2)
That judgement is epic to the degree that it would have generational implications. (Joel 1:3) It would be devastating (Joel 1:7) and would cause people to be filled with despair (Joel 1:11-12). Despair would turn to fear and hopelessness as they realized their helplessness (Joel 2:6, 11).

2. In the face of judgement, repentance is mandatory. (Joel 2:12-17)

3. When we repent, God promises us more than forgiveness. He promises restoration. (Joel 2:18-27)

4. When we are restored and are in close proximity to God, it is his Holy Spirit that helps us live in close proximity to God so we never wander again. (Joel 2:28-32)

5. The final word of the gospel is that God’s eternal blessing is assured. (Joel 3:17-21)

This is the gospel of God. Lay that outline against the Gospel record of the New Testament or the Epistles of Paul, and you’ll find the same outline and the same conclusion.

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