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The Last Car You’ll Ever Need


Imagine that you walk into a car show. As a car enthusiast, you’re excited to see all of the new models that car manufacturers have developed. You walk past the new models from Ford Motor Company, then General Motors. Dodge and Chrysler have nice ideas, as well as the massive selection of imports.

You leisurely meander through the cars until a sign captures your attention. The sign reads, “The Last Car You’ll Ever Own.” The arrow points down a narrow hallway that leads to a room. When you enter the room it becomes immediately clear that this model is clearly from the future. It’s a car alright, but a car unlike anything that you’ve ever seen.

As you walk around the car you engage the attendant in conversation. As you run your hand over the fender, he tells you about the materials that compose the body. He casually explains that it’s a new material that is indestructible. “Go ahead,” he says, “try to key it.” At first you recoil at the thought of ‘keying’ a showroom model, but his confident smirk somehow agitates you into action. You produce a key from your pants pocket and dig it deep into the side of the car and rake it across the door. “Huh,” is all you’re able to say. “No damage.” “That’s right,” confirms the attendant. “Let’s try something a little more substantial.” He offers you a hammer, and nods approval. As you lightly tap the hood with the hammer, the attendant bursts into laughter at your anemic efforts. “Come on, now, really get into it!” Your face reddens as you begin hitting the car harder and harder. Before you know it you’re on the brink of losing control as you take full cuts at the hood, the trunk, and the glass. To your amazement, nothing happens. Not even a scuff mark. As you collect yourself, the attendant adds, “Not only is it indestructible, it totally repels all road dirt and weather. You’ll never even have to wash it.”

You shake your head in disbelief as he lifts the hood. “Come look at the engine. This car requires no fuel.” As if the body demonstration wasn’t enough, you now find yourself totally exasperated. “No fuel?” “Nope, none whatsoever. This car is self energizing. No petrol, no gas, no hybrid fuel, no bio fuel…nothing.”

You’re not exactly sure what to say. “And there’s more,” the attendant chirps. “It’s maintenance free. No more oil changes, air filters, tires, or any of those other annoying trips to the shop. There’s no warranty on the car because it never breaks down or wears out. See, I told you! It’s the last car you’ll ever own!”

I’ll admit, that story is a little hard to swallow. It’s beyond our ability to imagine such an invention, given the limitations of what we know through science, physics, and even our own life experience. How could such a thing be possible? That’s a valid question, and its similar to the kind of question the Corinthians must have asked Paul when they heard him describe the resurrection body in 1 Corinthians 15.

This week I’m going to delve into Paul’s description of the resurrection body from 1 Corinthians 15:35-49. My analogy of the car show may not be 100% spot on with what Paul tried to communicate about the resurrection body, but at least we’re now thinking in the right direction!

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