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The Lord is My Hope:: 1


Since the dawn of time, people have searched for a meaningful metaphor for life. Here are some samples that I stumbled upon this week:

Life is like a seed. It will never grow unless it is planted and nourished.

Life is like a river. With all its bends and rapid falls, one must follow the right path or else you’ll lose your way to the sea.

Life is like a bagel. It’s delicious when its fresh and warm, but often its just hard. The hole in the middle is a mystery, but it wouldn’t be a bagel without it.

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, except without the picture on the box to know what its supposed to look like. Sometimes you’re not even sure you have all of the pieces.

Life is like a novel. You are the author and everyday is a new page.

And my favorite…
Life is like an elevator ride. It has a lot of ups and downs and someone is always pushing your buttons. Sometimes you get the shaft, but what really bothers you are the jerks.

David has used the metaphor of shepherd and sheep to convey what life means to him. Over the past several weeks I’ve posted about the constituent parts of the 23rd Psalm, but this week I’ll take a step back and take more of a big picture approach to this magnificent Psalm. Thanks for checking in!

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