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The Power of a Whisper


Do you ever wonder if God still speaks to people today? Do you ever wonder if God might speak to you? Do you wonder if you would recognize God’s whisper if He did speak to you? I enjoy reading books that relate to the topic of spiritual formation. At any given time, I’m reading three or four books, one of which is usually related to spiritual formation. So when I saw The Power of a Whisper, I picked it up and read it.

The biggest take away from The Power of a Whisper is Hybels’ affirmation that God still speaks to his people today. When God speaks, He speaks in simple, yet profound ways. God’s whisper does not come in designated places like churches or during designated times like our daily devotionals. He speaks in all areas of life and at all times of life. While God’s voice doesn’t always change our circumstances, His voice will change us and our approach to our circumstances.

I found The Power of a Whisper to be practical, inspiring, and compelling. If you feel as though your time with God has become stale, or if it’s simply been a while since you have heard God’s whisper, I’d recommend this highly encouraging book.

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