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Training Camp


My son left for fall football camp a couple of weeks ago. This is a big season for him, given it is his final year of college eligibility. As we talked I asked him what he would be doing in fall camp. His simple response? “Go to meetings, check out equipment, and practice.” This conversation led me to think that our church needed our own training camp to get ready for the fall. I have developed a three week sermon series titled, Training Camp, based on Romans chapter 12. Here’s my preaching itinerary:

August 26 “Go to Meeting” (Romans 12:1-2)
September 2 “Check Out Your Equipment” (Romans 12:3-8)
September 9 “Put it into Practice” (Romans 12:9-16)

The picture that is part of this post will be the bulletin graphic that we will use for worship each week. Each week I’ll post on those topics. Thanks for checking in from time to time and to those of you who have recommended this site to your friends. God Bless!

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