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What Happens in Worship (part 1)


2 Chronicles 26 tells the story of King Uzziah. He took the throne at the tender age of 16 and ruled for nearly four decades. By and large, Uzziah was a good king. He led the nation to return to the monotheistic worship of God, and as a result the nation was blessed. Like I said, Uzziah was a good king. But when he became strong, he then became arrogant and filled with pride. His pride led to sin, and as a result of his sin he was infected with a skin disease which would send him into quarantine and eventually take his life. How tragic! A good king gone bad, leaving the nation reeling. One can only imagine the disappointment the nation must have experienced.

From that historical setting we come to chapter 6 of Isaiah. It opens with the line “In the year King Uzziah died.” In the context of national tragedy, Isaiah entered into worship. Despite his disappointing circumstances, he saw the Lord.

What happens when we worship? Can you say that you “see the Lord” when you worship? How do you know if you have worshipped or if you’ve simply gone to church? This week I’ll be posting on worship from Isaiah 6. I hope you’ll stay tuned. I believe these words could change your life!

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