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What would Joseph say? (part 4)


In many ways, Joseph is the forgotten man of Christmas. We gloss over his role, giving him little consideration for being the man he was. We find not one single quotation from his lips in the gospel record. But without question, his life spoke then and continues to speak now. So far I have posted three things that I believe Joseph would say to us if given the opportunity. By way of review, those things include:
1. God may call upon you to make a commitment that can only be fulfilled by His grace;
2. In God’s Kingdom, you are part of something bigger than yourself; and,
3. To obey is better than sacrifice.

If I were to add a final lesson to be learned from Joseph’s life it would be that your life counts. We may not pay a lot of attention to Joseph. We may neglect to notice the role that he played or the significance of his contributions. But that doesn’t mean his life didn’t count!

Through the course of time, each of us have made contributions to the Kingdom that have gone unnoticed or unannounced. That doesn’t mean our lives didn’t count. Each one of us serves as an important character in God’s broader drama. People may never notice or appreciate what you have brought or continue to bring to the Kingdom. But your life counts. You are important and you matter very much to God. Though no one else sees your labor of love, God sees it all. 2 Chronicles 16:9 reminds us that “The eyes of the Lord range to and fro around the Earth seeking those who’s hearts are committed to Him.”

Never forget that you are never forgotten.

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